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FormBox assumes 3D printers with an instant vacuum former

The past decade has taken on a new kind of industrial revolution, a whole lot of which is because of how prevalent 3D printers have grown to be. From full-sized versions to mini-desktop designs, you can get 3D printers for approximately the cost of a cheap laptop, or head to retailers like Staples to get your prototypes printed out.

But a very important factor most 3D printers nonetheless have as a common factor: Products take a while to printing, set, and nice. That’s where Mayku’s FormBox really wants to entice the at-home manufacturers.

Mayku FormBox Production Revise

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Hello fellow makers! Trust this finds you well?

We’ve acquired another busy (but great) month here at Mayku HQ! Ben’s just keep coming back from another successful visit to China with the latest mock-up getting the all clear! (continue reading for more details). We’re nowadays waiting on the final costing based on the recent updates, and we’re ready to proceed with tooling!

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These incredible 3D print failures defy explanation

3D printing is an imperfect craft - but sometimes a print comes away so badly, you need to wonder how it went so incorrect. Next time your print fails, think about these incredible screw-ups and bear in mind somebody is usually making more of chaos than you.

Amazing effort via a Flickr user here - if they told us they’d just simply unravelled a spool of PLA by hand, we’d believe them.