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Hello fellow makers! Trust this finds you well?

We’ve acquired another busy (but great) month here at Mayku HQ! Ben’s just keep coming back from another successful visit to China with the latest mock-up getting the all clear! (continue reading for more details). We’re nowadays waiting on the final costing based on the recent updates, and we’re ready to proceed with tooling!

The timing of Chinese New Year could affect our production schedule somewhat, because of the month of January being truly a national holiday. Even so, we assure you that people are undertaking our utmost to expedite the tooling process as we know how eager you each is to start creating amazing things together with your Mayku FormBox!

We promise to keep you published on any movements, progression or changes when they occur.

Many thanks all for your continued support and patience, all of us quite literally couldn’t did it without you!

Lastly, I wish to thank everyone that completed our survey and had enough time for an interview around. It was extraordinary to hear each of the ideas and strategies you possess for the Mayku FormBox! Such diversity! It got us really excited about receiving them into your hands, and we’re pumped in order to bring you this instrument to take your producing in fresh directions. We seriously cannot wait!

Mayku FormBox Production Updates


We mentioned in the last update that people combined the brand new tray click and take care of design right into a single device. We in China has been evaluating this relentlessly and we are incredibly glad to be able to tell you that it’s working beautifully! We have decided to work with cast aluminium for the hinges which, is the slightly more costly option, but can be the most dependable one.


We are 100% aware of environmentally friendly damage of plastic waste, and wherever possible, we’d like to lessen this. So, we’ve been undertaking our best looking for materials with the best recycled content relating to your pack and also to sell through the online store. The glad tidings are that people have found a way to obtain a 90% recycled dark-colored plastic - which we will be putting through comprehensive testing over another few weeks to observe how well it works together with the Mayku FormBox. All heading effortlessly we’ll include some sheets with your machine and continue to source it through our web store.

Inner Box & Packaging

We’ve been extremely lucky to utilize Tom Robinson, an amazing designer. He’s been working closely around on the interior and outer box product packaging, which is approaching along very nicely. We’ve went for a lovely recycled paper pulp number!

Here’s just a little teaser of Tom’s early ideas for what could be in the starter system that’s incorporated with your Mayku FormBox!

In The Coming Months

We’ve got another few busy a few months ahead of us plus some really exciting things to look forward to. We’ll detail our improvement to you within the next update, thus keep an enthusiastic eye on your own inbox! Here’s what’s on the agenda:

This month

  • We get started tooling the injection moulded parts of the Mayku FormBox.
  • We are finalizing the look of the product packaging and the starter package. (Which is included in your box).
  • We’ll be testing a whole lot of recycled plastics to see which work best.

October and November

  • We’ll be finalizing suppliers for our chosen components.
  • We are continuing the production of the Mayku Library.
  • When tooling is complete, we will set the Mayku FormBox through its second round of safe practices certification testing.

Thank you once more for your assist, patience and responses. We cannot wait to find the Mayku FormBoxes into the hands and see everything you create with them.

As always, feel absolve to fire away any questions you should personally and we’ll endeavour to remedy you as quickly while we can. Or, if you’d prefer to speak to us personally, tell us and we’d be pleased to join a call whenever that suits you.

Hello friends - greetings from China!

Very exciting times in Mayku HQ - Ben is currently stationed in Shenzhen before end of January to oversee the earliest batch of the Mayku FormBox. (Among which is landing on your own doorstep soon!) We’re nonetheless on the right track to start delivery by the end of January and we will be mailing out surveys in the next few weeks to get your most current addresses - keep your eyes on your own inbox!

Production Update

The past fourteen days have been spent in the factories, building and reviewing the first fully assembled samples fresh off the production series. This is known as the T1/engineering sample and acts as a means to test the functional houses of the Mayku FormBox before we approach on to the next step of production.

We’re happy to article that everything is functioning beautifully. The most recent iteration of the Mayku FormBox is definitely making the best varieties that we’ve ever before seen. All the time and source that we’ve allocated to improving the device has really paid and we can’t many thanks plenty of for your patience - we’re 100% sure it’ll be worthwhile. The Mayku FormBox now quickly rivals the vacuum formers found in full-level making (although our FormBox is slightly small!). Here’s a sneaky peak of 1 of the most recent forms:

We’ve even possessed a request from a huge toy manufacturer to install a suite of Mayku FormBox’s in their production lab!

Even so, our main priority gets our primary Kickstarter backers their FormBox’s. This week will be spent refining the T2 sample with a number of the designers from Map Job Office and the Mayku staff, ‘this may be the fun tad where we add the completing touches and polish off the ultimate details’, surface textures, interface graphics and final colors some very exciting media to come on that subject inside our next update!

Packaging and starter kit

We’ve today completed the starter system design, which has been tooled these days. It right now includes not just one, but three starter jobs that you’ll manage to make straight from the box. Each job not only looks achingly cool but teaches you among the fundamental laws and regulations of vacuum forming - generate all three and you’ll be considered a FormBox Master in no time.

Exciting circumstances ahead as generally, drop us a brand should you have any issues and also have a glorious day!

Ben, Alex and the Mayku workforce.

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