5 Things to Know before Selecting Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

How to Choose the High-Quality PCB Manufacturers

According to the Energias Market Research, the global PCB market was valued at $60.42 billion in 2017 and demands for the market is still on the rise. PCB manufacturers are also emerging at fast speed and for purchasers, they have more choices. But how to tell a good PCB manufacturer? Below are the guidelines that might help you to exclude some poor-quality EMS suppliers.

  1. Online Research
    View the company information on the official website and get to know the company scales, locations and some samples in advance. Besides, seek if there are some the reviews from customers, press releases or some recommendations for them. A reliable EMS provider will also pay attention to its network images maintenance.

  2. Qualifications & Certifications
    As an electronic outsourcing supplier, it must pass the required certifications, like ISO 9001, Rohs and IATF 16949 etc. For example, winning the “Famous Brand in the SMT industry of China”, Shenzhen Mincom Technic Co., Ltd. are providing a high-quality PCB manufacturing and SMT service and possesses 3D SPI, AOI, X-Ray circuit testers.

  1. Technical Competence
    PCB industry is fast-developing not only in scale but also in its technology. Latest tool and equipment during the process can shorten the production time while increasing efficiency. In addition, the capability of all kinds of PCB assemblies like SMT, THT, and manual should also be taken into account.

  1. Product Application
    Printed circuit boards can be adopted in every electronic product in all works of life. Though not necessary, a good and experienced PCB manufacturer should have multiple product applications in different areas. The company strength of this kind is relatively stronger than those have fewer product applications.

  2. Due time
    In the fierce market competition, due time management becomes crucial to win the market. To control the production efficiency before the due date, the manufacturer must manage and take strict control the whole process from getting the order to delivery. Another important reason is the due time closely related to electronic production in the next period. So don’t forget to check the comments about due time and delivery time.

The above factors are the very basic requirements to consider. But in order to win customers, not all PCB manufacturers will be completely honest. If something seems fishy or too good to be true, ask nicely for proof or just as the old saying goes: seeing is believing, schedule a visit to the factory is also a good choice to choose reliable PCB partners.

  1. 1. How to Choose the High-Quality PCB Manufacturers