Calling All Dazzling Ideas

Style Council Spark launches again

Now in its third consecutive year, Design Council Spark is once more searching for bright thoughts to become brilliant products.

Entries are now open for Design Council Spark 2017, our support programme and fund designed to help people turn their idea right into a commercially successful merchandise. Up to 15 UK-based inventors will end up being selected and provided a place on our 16-week programme providing consultant know-how and bespoke one-to-one mentoring, plus they will receive an initial grant of 35,000 for product development. On completion of the program, finalists will become a member of the Spark alumni community, allowing access to the look Council’s world-course network and the opportunity to pitch for a further share of 300,000.

From Factory To Your Tabletop

Spark finalists from 2015, Mayku are on a good mission to revolutionise the knowledge of designing and building from your home. Their desktop vacuum ex - has already been a crowdfunding success storyline, with an ever-growing online community of FormBox Followers. Ben Redford, one half of the Mayku workforce, spoke to us about turning out to be an inventor and harnessing the energy of the internet to help consider their tabletop factory to market.

Improve Materials With Mayku FormBox


For anyone buying nice method into building, soap is a terrific material to utilize. The options of customisation are endless. Using color, scents, flowers, gems and herbs, each design can be exceptional. Cold-press and hot-press soap producing are both suitable for Mayku FormBox molds.

Mayku Directly Into Your Hands

Mayku wants to give you the ability to manufacture your patterns at a little scale, starting with a good desktop vacuum ex - that’s about the size of a coffeemaker.

Now Ben Redford and Alex Smilansky, who co-founded the London-based company, are launching a Kickstarter to create that vision possible and take FormBox to the public.